A Modern-Day Crooner

A "crooner" is a singer who sings in a soft and smooth tone.  A crooner's greatest strength is found in sentimental songs filled with romance and reflection. I aspire to be a crooner in today's world where soft and soulful songs are being replaced or tossed out. Many modern pop songs try to mimic the crooner effect melodically, but much of the time the lyrics don't have the same depth, and the feeling is lost in the noise. Don't get me wrong - great music can be found across all eras of music, but the focus and what is popular has changed quite a bit. I seek to honor the styles of older music, and introduce a smooth approach to modern music. I actually am a fan of much of modern pop music, and I love singing styles across a variety of genres. I strive for versatility when playing for a crowd. That is because you never know who you are going to connect with and in what manner. I try my best to read people and get a sense of what they want to hear. I do what I can to please folks while staying within my scope of expertise. A common observation people will make is, "No matter the genre, you keep things smooth."  My greatest asset is a voice that is almost incapable of harshness, and therefore tends to be more pleasant on the ears for extended periods of time. As a crooner, I am less of a distraction and more of an enhancement to the atmosphere.